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    How to maintain the numerical control band saw?

    Next, we will learn how to maintain the lead screw of CNC woodworking lathe.
    1. Pay attention to prevent hard dust or chips from entering the lead screw protective cover and bumping the protective cover during the working process. Replace the protective device in time once it is damaged.
    2. Regularly check and adjust the axial clearance of screw nut pair to ensure the reverse drive accuracy and axial stiffness;
    3. Regularly check whether the connection between the lead screw support and the bed is loose and whether the support bearing is damaged. In case of any of the above problems, fasten the loose parts in time and replace the support bearing;
    4. Clean the old grease on the ball screw with lubricating grease every half a year and replace it with new grease. The ball screw lubricated with lubricating oil shall be oiled once a day before the machine tool works;
    5. The screw rod does not need to be cleaned frequently in the work. It can be cleaned once a day after the work. Frequent dust cleaning will frequently enter the screw nut, resulting in the screw rod locking.

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