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    How about the automatic column grinder?

    Maiteng woodworking machinery fully automatic grinding machine is suitable for grinding stair column or other cylinder with diameter within 100mm and length within 1200mm. The grinding length can be adjusted at any time according to the workpiece. The grinding speed can be adjusted at any time according to the workpiece roughness to achieve the optimal grinding effect. The grinding times can be adjusted. Different workpieces can be adjusted according to the surface finish
    1. The raw material of the wool roll is a durable brand on the market, with quality assurance. And specifications for the market easy to purchase models, so that supplies are not a burden
    2. Use high-quality motor and reducer.
    3. Simple operation, one key start, greatly improve work efficiency and save labor.
    4. The system operation is simple, the grinding times are adjusted at will, and the humanized design makes the grinding column easy to work
    5. The fuselage is all made of high-quality steel plate, and the sheet metal is all cut by laser. Advanced processing technology is used to achieve standardized production and assembly, with beautiful appearance and easy operation and maintenance.
    Product parameters:
    Product Name: automatic column grinder
    Model: mtdm-1200
    Boundary dimension: 2700mm * 1500mm * 1380mm
    Maximum power: About 2.5kW
    Maximum processing diameter: 100mm over manual feeding or customized
    The maximum processing length is 1200mm, which can be customized
    After many customers use and verification, the machine is easy to operate and has good grinding efficiency. It can polish wood products of different materials by changing different mesh of abrasive cloth strips. The grinding effect is good, and the efficiency is 2-3 times of that of manual. It is the best machine for grinding columns in the car and wood industry at present.

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