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    Numerical control panel saw

    Numerical control panel saw

    Product introduction:
    Maiteng CNC panel saw can complete vertical and horizontal reciprocating cutting, and can completely replace the electronic cutting saw which can only be cut individually and the manual sliding table saw which has high cost. The efficiency is not only more than 6 times of that of the manual sliding table saw, but also can effectively prevent the accidents that the saw blade injures people from happening again, greatly improving the personal safety of the operators. The self-developed "fool mode" is easy to learn from numerous basic control personnel and easy to operate.
    Safety measures:
    1. The low pressure alarm system is safer in use.
    2. Over travel protection of soft limit and hard limit reduces equipment damage.
    3. Better lubrication and maintenance equipment of automatic oil filling system.
    Device parameters
    Processing size: 1220 * 2440mm
    Guide rail slider: high quality domestic Dongen technology linear square rail and slider
    Drive screw: Taiwan TBI ball screw
    Transmission rack: high precision helical rack
    Reducer: special high-end reducer
    Spindle motor: customized aluminum shell high power special plate saw motor
    Spindle saw blade: alloy saw blade 305 * 25.4
    Control system: Taiwan new generation
    Servo drive: Sino German joint venture brand research control servo drive, servo motor
    Operation interface: self developed simplified operation interface
    Control appliances: Delixi, Chint, Omron
    Bed structure: thick wall square steel (weighted)
    Processing speed: 30m / min
    Voltage: 380V


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