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    Woodworking lathe

    CNC saw milling machine

    CNC saw milling machine

    Functional features:
    This product is a new type of CNC cutting equipment developed for solid wood sawing and milling. Instead of the traditional band saw chip dead angle, turning problem and surface glossiness problem, it subverts the three processes of traditional solid wood cutting front-end process, line drawing, manual cutting, Gong milling, and reduces labor cost. Reduce production
    Therefore. Improve productivity!
    This product is different from traditional band saw to realize numerical control. It supports DXF format and can be cut at any angle! Easy to operate!
    Safety measures:
    Full automatic oiling machine better maintenance equipment, hard limit, soft limit over travel protection to prevent mechanical collision, low air pressure alarm system automatically remind stop, wood detection function does not need to repeat knife alignment every time because of different size of wood to increase workload.
    2、 Equipment parameters:
    Processing size: 2000 * 1500mm
    Guide rail slider: high quality domestic Dongen technology linear square rail and slider
    Drive screw: Taiwan TBI ball screw
    Bed structure: thick wall square steel (thickening and weighting)
    Electric spindle: 9kw380v air-cooled spindle
    Frequency converter: 11kw high power frequency converter
    Control system: customized special CNC sawing and milling machine system with its own cutting software
    Control appliances: Delixi, Omron, Chint
    Transformer: high power electronic transformer
    Computer: authentic brand new computer
    Servo drive: Sino German joint venture brand research control servo drive, servo motor
    Processing speed: 0-10m / min (adjustable speed)
    Running speed: 0-30m / min
    Spindle speed: 0-18000r / min (frequency control)
    Milling cutter diameter: 6-8mm
    Total power: 15kw

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