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    Woodworking lathe

    CNC woodworking lathe

    CNC woodworking lathe

    Maiteng CNC woodworking lathe
    CNC woodworking lathe
    At the same time, it can process multiple columns, double efficiency, high finish and good effect. Good stability!
    Processing: stair columns, vases, tables and chairs, European furniture roman columns, wooden hangers and, cylindrical, cone-shaped, arc-shaped, spherical and other complex shapes of revolving wood products or semi-finished wood products.
    Data parameter
    Control system: independent research and development of CNC woodworking lathe special system
    Maximum processing length: 1000mm / 1500mm / 2000mm (customized)
    Maximum diameter of single axis machining: 360mm, maximum diameter of double axis simultaneous machining: 150 mm
    Driver: Sino German joint venture brand research and control
    Frequency converter: high quality domestic high power frequency converter
    Control appliances: Delixi, Omron, Chint
    Guide rail slider: high quality domestic down contracting linear square rail and slider
    Drive screw: Taiwan TBI ball screw
    Bed structure: casting, weighting and widening, one-piece bed with high stability and no deformation
    Main motor power: 5.5kw
    Total power: 6.5kw

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