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    CNC curve band saw

    CNC curve band saw

    CNC curve band saw
    Safety: the soft limit and hard limit over travel automatic alarm shutdown system can reduce labor intensity, reduce industrial accidents, and better maintain and maintain the normal operation of equipment in the oil injection system.
    Energy saving: precise saw blade route, making the later process more labor-saving, power saving, less waste.
    Time saving: high speed saw blade feed and return speed, saw blade advance and return fully automatic control, large plate automatic cutting, small plate can be mosaic cutting. CAD drawing processing, without manual drawing, save manual drawing process, high efficiency.
    Material saving: precise saw blade route, small mosaic interval, general products can save more than 10% wood.
    Product parameters:
    Processing size: 2000 * 1200mm
    Guide rail slider: domestic high-quality Dongen technology linear square rail and slider
    Transmission rack: high precision helical rack
    Saw head: Mahalanobis 60 saw head
    Saw blade: alloy saw blade 4050mm
    Control system: independent research and development of CNC band saw special system
    Control appliances: Delixi, Omron, Chint
    Servo drive: Sino German joint venture brand research control servo drive, servo motor
    Bed structure: thick wall square steel (thickened and weighted)
    Processing speed: 5m / min (adjustable)
    Total power: 6.5kw
    Rotation axis angle: + / - 60 °

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